Why Atiku Is ”Constitutionally” Fit To Be Nigeria’s Vice President But Not President

Atiku not eligible to be Nigeria's president because he's Cameroonian - APC to tribunal

President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign organization spokesman, Festus Keyamo, has said Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) is not eligible to be Nigeria’s president because he wasn’t born a Nigerian.

Speaking during a live television programme on channels tagged ” Sunday politics”, he said Atiku is ”constitutionally” fit to be Nigeria’s vice president because the constitution did not specify that the VP must be a Nigerian by birth.

In his own word:

He became a Nigerian in 1961 after a referendum added his birthplace that was part of Cameroon to Nigeria at age 15, having been born in 1946. The constitution is very clear on who can be president of Nigeria. The person has to be 100% a Nigerian at birth.

However, all Nigerians born in that his birthplace since 1961 referendum are fully and wholly Nigerians who are qualified to be president of Nigeria, but not anyone of them born before the referendum.

Nobody says Atiku is not a Nigerian now. The cogent point about his eligibility to contest to be president of Nigeria is that he was not born a Nigerian. i.e.He wasn’t Nigerian at birth as required by the Constitution!

Unfortunately, Atiku wasn’t born Nigerian. He became a Nigerian by choice, not by birth. Those who wrote our const did not see this day coming. There’s nowhere in the constitution that says the VP must be a Nigerian by birth as well. So he was constitutionally eligible to be VP

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