INTERVIEW: Igala Born Artiste Vows To Take Over Nigerian Music Industry

The Afro-Pop talented upcoming Nigerian musician, Isah Usman; popularly known as ‘Simple Boy’ has said that he want to dominate both Local and international music industry in the near future, report.

The Kilamiti singer said, he has enjoyed an impressive run, right from when she was in primary 4, but started her official musical career in 2014, when he took the dream to reality stage.

In an interview with Abubakar Yunusa for, the singer said “I want to see myself dominate Nigeria music industry in the foreseeable future. I always find myself wanting to sing with almost everything, but can not do it to my satisfaction due to alot of challenges.”

According to him ” there is alot of challenges and competition on the street both day and night, because money has become a prerequisite for production and some other vital necessities, in fact, everything about music largely depend on money”.

Simple Boy revealed that, while it has not always gone smoothly, the hustle has been on, even though the acceleration is not as one had envisaged due to the fact that there are lots of talented artists popping up on daily basis in Nigeria’s music industry.

He emphasised that,”The competition has really been tough. Writing song too, has not been a child play, trying to put lyrics together and composing is not easy, but then, the fact remains that I have people who believe in me. They download my songs and share them online, thereby giving me courage and the enthusiasm to work harder”

Reacting to questions on his latest single, the Kogi State and Igala born artist said: “My fans are really in love with my latest track titled ‘Kilamiti’, and I have been receiving alot of positive responses and accolades from friends, family and those I don’t really know, urging me to do more and to hold unto the talent”.

He however admitted that, since 2014, he has recorded about 8 tracks but dropped 2 out of them.

According to him, Assurance Crooner, Davido and American singer, Chris Brown inspired him so far, their melodious voice and vibes have always kept me in always wanting to go higher in the musical industry. Davido and Chris Brown most especially are greatest artist of all season, but having a shoulder to shoulder competition with the duo will see me realizing my goals.

Responding to the question on how to break the dominant influence of Wizikid, Davido among others, the music star stated that, “my greatest research has been to discover the innovative strategies that can make me break the holdings of the industry. Knowing fully well that the industry is saturated with much brands alone is enough to short live one ambition, but I remain committed and dedicated to my goals with the thoughts that it is almost time for me to be seen and celebrated by the whole world. I might not have immediate solution for now, but in subsequent time my lyrics will definitely pierce through the hearts of my audience. Therefore, greater days ahead.”

Simple Boy is from Kogi state, an extraction of Igala tribe from Ankpa Local Government area.
Simple Boy is coming and it is real.


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