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Rihanna UNFOLLOWS Tidal & Follows Spotify!! (Beef w. Jay Z)

There is a brewing beef between Rihanna and her mentor and ex-boss Jay Z.

For years, Jay Z has convinced other artists to join Tidal, over the other streaming platforms. And it appears to have worked.

But Rihanna may be ready to make a change.

This morning Rihanna unfollowed Tidal on Instagram and followed Spotify. This is a possible sign that Rihanna may be preparing to break with Jay Z’s streaming platform – and move to Spotify.

Here are the receipts:

Rihanna is one of the original artists who are “owners” of the Tidal platform. Since its launch, Rihanna has created a number of exclusives with Tidal.

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But Rihanna has a new project coming up – and she is likely signaling a change in her preferred streaming service.

Spotify has been throwing around BIG money to artists who are willing to sign exclusive deals with them. And it appears that Rihanna is ready to turn on Jay Z’s company – for CASH.

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