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Which Nigerian tribe can you not EVER get married to? Drop your comments with reasons… see other people’s answers

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We all hear people saying they can NEVER get married to some Nigerians because of their native languages. In Kogi, where I am from, I hear this from most people and the common victimised languages, include Ebira Okene, Bassa Nge and Komo, a few Igalas rejecting themselves. Most Nigerian girls also reject the Hausas, probably due to their religious fanatics or whatever.

Well, as for me, one of the tribes I won’t see myself ever walking down the aisle is Ebira Okene. Our blood no just jam😏😏😏

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Drop your answers and give reasons to support your choice. And don’t forget to share this so others will share their thoughts.


  1. I’m igala, i cant and my children will neva marry any igala girl. My igala girlfriend was sleeping with my frd back then wen we were in school. She still went ahead to break up wit me wen I found out. So you see

  2. I don’t want to be seen as believing in superstitions, but to be safe is better,I won’t marry a bassa girl sha

  3. I am an indigen of kogi, lokoja To my own pick I think I like igala more… Nd the tribe I don’t like is ebira kene I don’t like their wats at all… M an oworo buh I prefer igala, Hausa, and of course ebira koto

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